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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jul 22, 2022

Manifest - 3 Steps to Master Your Manifestations: EP 154


If this is your first time tuning in to Manifesting Miracles, get ready! There is going to be your life before the manifesting miracles podcast and your life after, as Michelle J. Lamont reveals her secrets to raise your vibrational point of attraction and manifest the life of your dreams!


You see, we don't manifest what we want. We manifest the vibration, energy, and frequency of our dimensional field. So in this episode, your manifestation master Michelle guides you down the path of opportunity to evolve your energy, master the life path you have now, and understand how to move in the direction of your abundance.  


From self-respect to forgiveness to appreciation, don’t miss this episode on the three core principles to mastering your manifestations and understanding just how powerful you are as the creator of your reality!


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- There is ALWAYS a way to raise your vibration

- Michelle’s tips to shift into a higher state of being and manifest faster

- Why you cannot care about the opinions of others

- How to forgive the people who hurt you the most 

- The power of appreciation for your manifestations 



“All of this rage against the machine and all of this rage against another person makes them your master. You have to look into the eye of the tiger and calm the beast with your peace. You have to decide at what point in time are you going to take your power back?”

“When you get into that attitude of appreciation, the attitude of gratitude, you'll discover that this is the final step to really understanding your limitless power.”



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