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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Mar 8, 2021

Know that voice of self-doubt and fear that creeps into your head? That’s your ego talking. We’ve been conditioned to listen and trust in our ego, but now is the time to dismantle our core belief system from limiting to limitless. In this episode, you will learn how your ego is actually blocking you from the energetic vibration of abundance! Don’t let your ego contain and control you anymore. It’s time to break free from your ego and manifest in abundance - tune in to find out how. 



  • What is Ego and how does it affect you? 
  • How to break free from your Ego mentality. 
  • Why you need to tune out your Ego. 
  • What are your limiting blocks? 



“Following your curiosity is not following your ego. Following your imagination is not following your ego. Ego is a fucking liar. Ego keeps you small.”



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