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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

May 24, 2021

Life will no doubt hand us a couple of road bumps along the way, but how do we not get swept up by all the things that are thrown at us? In this episode, Michelle shows you how to transform the way you view your negative thoughts and the negative things that happen in your life. Because surprise: You can manifest the good thing just as much as you can manifest the bad! So tune in and learn how to not only embrace the negative but to see the opportunity in them to learn, grow, and turn yourself around. It’s time to get rid of the ‘but’s in your head, and your host Michelle will show you the secret to overcoming the negatives and welcoming the positives in your life.



  • The key to shifting your perspective on the negative. 
  • The difference between your belief and your practice. 
  • Why you should stop focusing on the end goal. 
  • How to apply the “first 60 seconds of the day” rule.
  • How meditation can help you turn your negative thoughts around. 



“If I can create negative thoughts, then just around the corner are a whole bunch of positive ones that will create a new reality.”

“The marathon of life is really long, and you're not here to experience it in a suffering way. So if you've manifested a couple of bumps and bruises, don't beat yourself up.”



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