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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Apr 13, 2021

We’ve all had moments of Imposter Syndrome in our lives, and even the most successful people can feel that crippling sense of fear and doubt. But how do we get rid of these insecurities and step into our divine, authentic light? In this episode, Michelle will show you how to tackle, decipher, and move through your Imposter Syndrome. Find the root cause of your Imposter Syndrome, and uncover the key to removing it once and for all. Tune in now and learn how to stop that sense of self-doubt from creeping in and holding you back. 




  • How negative emotions can push you forward.  
  • How to use your Imposter Syndrome to your advantage.
  • Understand the root of your Imposter Syndrome.
  • What makes an excellent receiver?
  • The importance of knowing that you are worthy. 



“The only person who needs to see your worthiness is you. You, that's it. You, unapologetically you.”

“There is no road to happiness until you are authentically and 100% committed to your life of joy.”



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