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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

May 27, 2022

Manifest Healing Forward - Here's How To Do It: EP 138


Your wounded healer and master manifestor, Michelle J. Lamont, is here to transmit one powerful download today! Because this is the moment where you attune to the vibration of your abundance! And this episode is the time and place where you calibrate your divinity and receive the manual we’ve all been looking for on this teaching planet called Earth!


Tune in as Michelle reveals the path to manifesting greatness: healing forward. And how we must move into the light force energy to collaborate and co-create with the universe. But what does this mean?  It means we have to be where we are right now! We can't be where we were yesterday, and there's no way we can be in tomorrow. So don’t get stuck on the chorus of your life! Start listening to the next song and the next song and the next song. And begin looking at life as an adventure, with excitement of what's to come!


Release control, fear, and “what if.” Understand that whatever you want has already been given; you just need to slow down your energy and become a vibrational match to your divinity. So, when your higher self is talking, start paying attention! 


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- Why we manifest as we are

- You are a light being! Go explore!

- What it means to heal forward

- How you must forgive to heal forward

- “Meditate instead of medicate”



“We manifest as we are. So if you don't like the way that things are going, you're going to need to start making a few spiritual changes.”

“In order for you to heal moving forward, you have to see your life as an adventure and a journey.” 



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