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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jan 27, 2022

Manifest- QUANTUM Shift Into your Desired Reality, Part A: EP 103


Manifestation is taking something from your mind and bringing it into your reality. You literally manifest the thought into actualization. The problem is, many of us are impatient, insecure, or coming from lack, but manifestation requires a clear and steady energetic path. It calls for controlling your energy and letting go of low vibrations. Only then can infinite possibilities be activated.


Tune in as Michelle J. Lamont guides you to release your history, understand that all things are possible through you, and have an emotional attachment so strong to the future that it leads you closer to the version of you with all that you desire. This is quantum leaping!


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- Why we live in a cause-and-effect society

- There is a soul tribe waiting for you!

- What is quantum leaping?

- How to open and tap into all realities and possibilities

- Unlearn and release negative vibrational habits

- Meditate and visit your higher self



“There are multitudes of parallel realities. And there's one right now where every dream that you've ever dreamed, you're living.”

“I want you to live in a reality in which every single day you are awakening a higher and a higher and a higher and a higher version of yourself. So you're walking around the planet as an angel, as a guide, manifesting in the reality in which you came here to create.”



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