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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Feb 11, 2022

Manifest- Signs You're Probably Missing: EP 108


When manifesting, we often ask for confirmation that we are on the right path or a sign, and the truth is we can receive hundreds of signs in a day but only see one or two. Why are we missing our signs?


In this episode, Michelle J. Lamont explains why so many of us are giving up too early and too easily. We miss our signs when we are not truly in alignment with the vibration of what we want. When you're a vibrational match to something, you release it. You don't even think about it. Success even feels inevitable. 


So stop blocking your flow and tune in as Michelle shares the telltale signs that your manifestation is on its way!


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- What you think about, you bring about 

-The universe is always talking to you

- When things start falling apart, it’s time to celebrate

- Release it, let it go, and manifest it!

- Trust the universe and its timing

- Celebrate your signs!



“When we start to learn about the law of attraction and that we are the creators of our reality, it seems so far-fetched. But what it really means is that you're able to maintain a vibration of energy in which what you want finds you at the immediate point where you are a match to it. But so many of us miss the signs.”

“That's one of the most powerful ways to see that your sign is working, you don't worry about it. You don't worry when it's coming because you know it's on its way in the perfect time and in the perfect place and in the perfect way.”



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