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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Oct 22, 2021

Manifestation- Fast Track your Manifestation with these 3 Modalities: EP 76


It can be very frustrating when you feel like you’re doing everything right but your desires stay unfulfilled. So, why aren't you manifesting the things you want, and in the time you think is most beneficial for you? 


In this episode, Michelle J. Lamont asks the important questions to fast-track your manifestations. Are you consistently showing up for yourself and truly reflective of limiting belief systems? Or are you attached to the outcome, rather than the journey? 


Tune in and gain clarity about the vibrational energy in your life. Release the need to control the “when” and surrender to the universe. There might be something even bigger on its way.


Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams and level up in ALL areas of your reality? 

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  • The law of attraction’s universal rule 
  • Trusting the timing of the universe
  • Why clarity and consistency are key to manifestation 
  • Do you have a dedicated practice?
  • “Open to everything and attached to nothing”



“We need to consider that maybe it's not coming because what the plans are, are so much bigger, and so much better, and so much broader than we can ever believe.” 



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