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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Oct 19, 2022

Manifestation: Here's The Secret To Everything: EP 177


Why are true crime shows so popular? Why do we like to binge-watch serial killer documentaries and horror? What makes us listen to music that disparages women and talks about violence? WHY are we connecting our vibration with fear, insecurity, and doubt?!


In this episode, your manifestation guide, Michelle J. Lamont, talks energy and why it is so important that we protect it! Since we know manifestation is simply bringing about what you think about, why are we tapping into the fear, shame, and suffering that the world shows us through music, film, and TV?! 


Tune in as Michelle reveals how to protect your subconscious and the simple ways you can keep spiritually clean. To not only manifest better, but to answer whatever the universe throws your way with love, security, and divine alignment.


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- Why you need to protect your energy!

- What label are you most fearful of? 

- How to disconnect yourself from doubt and darkness

- Ways to restore and clean out your energy 



“If you're worried all the time and you have this anxiety, your cells feel it. It shows on your skin, it shows in your hair, it shows in your DNA. And it shows in the way that things are showing up in your reality. And more importantly, what's not showing up in your reality.”



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