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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Nov 23, 2022

Manifestation - How To Protect Your Energy: EP 186

If you are a manifesting manifestor, then understanding this one principle will be the most important thing you must know. It is the foundation of all manifesting practices, and is the one thing that will elevate your manifestations! 


This one thing is understanding that everything has energy, and everything is energy. 


But how do we practice this foundational principle in manifestation? The first thing you can do is protect your energy! That is why in this episode, manifestation master Michelle J. Lamont shares some actionable tips for you to protect and cleanse your energy.


There are many different ways to do so, but Michelle will be sharing her top most effective and relevant ways to protect your energy so that you can manifest even the deepest of your desires! So tune in to this episode to find out how you can stay in that high vibrational energy regardless of the people or events that come your way. 


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- Why it's important to protect your energy 

- What to do to cleanse and protect your energy

- Ways to raise your vibrational energy

- Understanding your energetic portal



"You give people permission to access your good energy by not protecting yourself."

"There are no coincidences; the angels protecting you want you to move forward. You're supposed to come here and create great things, you're supposed to come here and be abundant. You're supposed to come here and have fun and be free."


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