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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Dec 1, 2021

Manifestation- King James Vibezzz: EP 87


How do you develop a reality in which every single day is the best day you've ever had?


Michelle J. Lamont is here to tell us - focus! Focus until reality becomes a dream! Focus your beautiful divine light energy on what you desire, to the point where you dare the universe to say no. And stop wasting valuable energy on the past, on a reality that no longer serves you. 


Tune in because you are worthy, you are limitless, and you are ready to step into the reality where everything is possible!


Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams and level up in ALL areas of your reality? 

Reach out to Michelle via any of the following to manifest even the deepest of your desires with her today! 

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  • Pain, healing, and manifestation do not come in a straight line 
  • “This or nothing else”
  • Don’t waste your creative energy in the past 
  • What you focus on, you attract 



“Visualizing the energy to a focal point, where you almost dare the universe God force energy to not make it happen, is when you know that your real journey is starting to appear.”

“Your wings are made so strong and so valid and so supported. Fly higher!”



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