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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jul 29, 2022

Manifestation - Signs Your Spirit Guide Visited You in Your Dream!: EP 156


In this special Psychic Edition of the Manifesting Miracles podcast, your manifestation master, Michelle J. Lamont is here to spill the manifestation secrets that your Spirit Guides leave you in your dreams! 


Ever wondered what your dreams mean or if there’s a higher calling or deeper meaning behind them? Tune in as Michelle reveals the telltale signs that your Spirit Guide is actually speaking with you in your dreams, and how you can use them to master and manipulate your manifestation superpowers. 


Learn how to tap into your intuitive spiritual dreams and translate them into the mantras and affirmations that you are trying to manifest! So, are you ready to elevate your manifestations? Tune in to this episode and uncover all the little manifestation hints that your Spirit Guide has been dropping you this whole time! 


It’s time to manifest every single thing that your Spirit Guide is trying to lead you to - tune in now and find out how to master your manifestations through your dreams today! 


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- How dreams have changed Michelle’s life

- Ways to tell that your Spirit Guide is speaking to you in your dreams

- What to do with your Spirit Guide’s messages

- Why do Spirit Guides visit us in our dreams? 

- The secret to making your mantras and affirmations work 




“You have to understand that, that your spirits are always waiting to communicate with you. But when we have zero resistance when we have no argument, and when we don't have to decide whether we're worthy of something or not, when we don't have to decide whether that's possible or not - this is when we're dreaming.”


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