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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Nov 24, 2021

Manifestation-Stacking the Deck Against You: EP85


Is pain your co-pilot? Are you continually and consistently stacking the deck against yourself, aligning with doubt and fear?


In this episode, Michelle J. Lamont asks us to reframe our limiting beliefs. We came to the teaching plant called Earth to be creators of our reality, not suffer and dwell in a low vibrational state. We are, in fact, creators of limitless joy!


So tune in as Michelle shares her tips for you to raise that ceiling and break through the dam holding back your current of abundance. Allow the flow to come in, TODAY! 


Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams and level up in ALL areas of your reality? 

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  • Are we all just pessimists at heart?
  • If you can go low, you can go high
  • Awareness is key
  • What is the opposite game?
  • Why there is no wasted suffering
  • Every day is a chance for a brand new reality 



“The time is right now, for you to stack the deck in your favor. You have done a phenomenal job in the opposite direction. That is my friends, the proof. The proof that you need. That you are willing, and that you are able, and that if you can go low, you can go high.”

 “And just understand that those vibrations of doubt and fear and lack are teachers, not defeaters.” 



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