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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jan 19, 2022

 Manifestation- The Great Awakening & Why it's so Hard!: EP 101


A spiritual awakening is happening on a universal level, and while the media may call it “The Great Resignation”, Michelle J. Lamont knows it to be “The Great Awakening”. 


Tune in as Michelle comes to you as a coach rather than a translator of energy and guides you to shed your ego-driven existence, a place where creation cannot exist. Release doubt, jealousy, and the energy of lack. Shed your insecurities, face yourself, and learn what is right for you. While it may be ugly and messy at first, you are being called to your highest self and your true spiritual awakening.  


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- The Great Resignation or the Great Awakening?

- Why was Covid-19 designed by the universe?

- Experience life rather than own it

- True spiritual awakening is facing the darkest aspects of yourself

- How to stop playing into a system of ego

- The powerful moment Michelle became vegan 



“The Great Awakening is about shedding and releasing and letting go and confronting your biggest and darkest fear, and nobody talks about it.”



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