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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jun 14, 2021

What Master Manifestors Do

We all came here to be master creators of our lives - so it’s time to be who we are meant to be and master this energy that we call manifesting. How, exactly?

In this episode, Michelle will reveal the very things Master Manifestors do that will bring you closer to limitless abundance, love, and joy. Learn how to seize every opportunity to step into the person you want to be and become an active creator of your desired reality. 

It's time you truly understood just how powerful you really are - tune in and uncover the key to breaking your resistance, elevating your vibrational energy, and becoming a Master Manifestor with Michelle today!


Are you ready to be a Master Manifestor? 

You are worthy of EVERYTHING you want to manifest! Start your path to creating your own reality and book a clarity call or one-on-one coaching with Michelle J. Lamont today at



  • The existence of creation is always an option. 
  • How to get active in your creation.
  • What reality are you attaching yourself to? 
  • Are you pouring your energy into the positive or the negative? 



 “What’s the number one rule in the law of attraction? Like Attracts Like. So if I'm a badass motherfucking manifestor, which I am, then so are you.”

“Whatever it is that we desire - $5, a phone call, $2500 - it matters not. Once you pierce the veil, once you get to that side and you do what master manifestors do, it becomes child's play.”



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