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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

May 31, 2021

Ever felt like the Universe is telling you something but you just can’t seem to figure out what exactly it’s trying to say? 

In this episode, your host Michelle explores the different ways in which the Universe is communicating with you, and how to decipher the codes that it sends your way. You will also uncover different ways to clear your energetic pathways so you can see the messages behind the patterns in your life. You don't have to feel lost in this world any longer - tune in now to see how simple it really is to understand what the f*ck the Universe is telling you.

*Stick to the end to learn Michelle’s quick and easy technique that helps you declutter your mind and connect you to your higher self! 



  • Signs the Universe sends you when you’re on the wrong path. 
  • How solitude and nature will connect you with the Universe. 
  • Why the Universe is not against you. 
  • How meditation can clarify your communication with the Universe. 
  • What are the negative signs in your life trying to tell you? 



“When you have that introspective understanding of what it is that the universe is communicating to you, you'll understand in unique and odd ways, the language of love that it really is.”



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