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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jul 15, 2022

Manifesting & Why You Got It All Wrong: EP 152


From the minute you are born, you are worthy of the things you want to manifest. You are a divine light being worthy of manifesting everything you want into your reality. No questions asked. So why do negative things keep happening to us? Why do we find ourselves so often in the darkness? What are we doing wrong?!


In this episode, your manifesting mentor, Michelle J. Lamont, talks about why and what we are getting wrong about manifestation. From her years of trial and error in the process of becoming the manifesting master she is, Michelle shows you how all those seemingly dark forces that are working against you are actually helping you! Helping you evolve. Helping you get out of your comfort zone. And helping you understand manifestation at its highest level!


So tune in as Michelle guides you to see all the ways you can move into alignment with your abundance and transmute this negative energy into a beautiful and brand-new reality for yourself. Because you already have everything you need to manifest the life of your dreams! You don’t need to beg or even ask for it. It’s already there!


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- You already have everything you need to manifest!

- Why you never have to ask for anything, you just have to align with it 

- The most common components people get wrong when manifesting 

- Moving past fear and the 3D world

- How to manifest your energy toward the future 



​​”All those dark forces that are working against you are not against you. They're helping you evolve. They're helping you get out of your comfort zone. They're helping you understand.”



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