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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jul 29, 2022

Manifestation - Signs Your Spirit Guide Visited You in Your Dream!: EP 156


In this special Psychic Edition of the Manifesting Miracles podcast, your manifestation master, Michelle J. Lamont is here to spill the manifestation secrets that your Spirit Guides leave you in your dreams! 


Ever wondered what your...

Jul 27, 2022

Manifesting - Dolly Parton & NDE: EP 155


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And Michelle J. Lamont is here not only as a manifesting master but as your guide to the next level. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, educator, esthetician, aunt, or dog mom, the universe has decided that it is time for you...

Jul 22, 2022

Manifest - 3 Steps to Master Your Manifestations: EP 154


If this is your first time tuning in to Manifesting Miracles, get ready! There is going to be your life before the manifesting miracles podcast and your life after, as Michelle J. Lamont reveals her secrets to raise your vibrational point of attraction and...

Jul 20, 2022

Manifesting Self Love - 3 Steps to Divine Alignment: EP 153


“You are a manifestation master and you may not even realize it!”


Are you using all the manifestation tools and practices, but what you’ve come to Earth to manifest is just not appearing? Maybe you are just missing one specific link…one important...

Jul 15, 2022

Manifesting & Why You Got It All Wrong: EP 152


From the minute you are born, you are worthy of the things you want to manifest. You are a divine light being worthy of manifesting everything you want into your reality. No questions asked. So why do negative things keep happening to us? Why do we find ourselves so often...