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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Oct 30, 2022

Manifesting Miracles Halloween 2022 Edition: EP 180


Happy All Hallows Eve manifesting manifestors! In this special Halloween edition of Manifesting Miracles, Michelle J. Lamont is excited to share some of her hocus pocus tips and All Hallows Eve energy for you to co-collaborate with the greatest creator, your higher...

Oct 26, 2022

Manifest Smarter & Faster NOW: EP 179


So many things we do, often unknowingly, slow down our vibrational pool of attraction and prevent us from manifesting things into our reality. So in today’s episode, your manifestation guide, Michelle J. Lamont, reviews a few of those unconscious mistakes so you can start...

Oct 21, 2022

Manifest: Arch Angels Of Abundance - Let'$ Ca$h In!: EP 178


Your team of light, future self, past self, and current self are so happy you found today’s episode of Manifesting Miracles. Because it is time for you to align with your guides, angels, and higher self! It is time for a reunion of your alignment. It is...

Oct 19, 2022

Manifestation: Here's The Secret To Everything: EP 177


Why are true crime shows so popular? Why do we like to binge-watch serial killer documentaries and horror? What makes us listen to music that disparages women and talks about violence? WHY are we connecting our vibration with fear, insecurity, and doubt?!



Oct 14, 2022

Manifesting & The Power of Mother Nature: EP 176


With hurricanes hitting Michelle’s home this past week, in this episode, your manifestation master shares with you her piece of humble pie. 


Tune in as Michelle J. Lamont reflects on being forced to evacuate her home, testing her ability to worship in fear or faith....