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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Mar 18, 2022

Manifest - Daddy Issues & How to Manifest: EP 118


Michelle J. Lamont shares a very personal and profound message in this episode as she reveals her story from spoiled daddy’s girl to three trash bags and abandonment. Unpacking her suitcase of childhood trauma, Michelle also asks you to reflect on the parental figure in your life that has played a role in the history of you. Are you stuck in a chapter of anger and suffering with this person, or are you ready to release this negative energy and evolve into your super self?


Tune in as Michelle elevates the energy of you and guides you to create and forgive. Understand that we chose this sometimes painful path before coming to the teaching planet called Earth. We have this separation so we can break free from the norm and create our own story and become the creators of our reality. What has happened in your past is part of your soul path and the reason for your evolution. So use Michelle's story as testament and forgive the unforgivable, move past fear and shame, and align with your highest self today!


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- From daddy’s girl to orphan - Michelle’s story

- Why Michelle started Manifesting Miracles

- How Michelle forgave her father and the hurt in her life

- Understanding there is no wasted suffering, just evolution 

- You are here to create and forgive, release that energy!

- The love we want, we must give to ourselves first 



“There's so many theoretical reasons why we want to release and forget and move forward into the path of forgiveness. But so many of us just can't. We believe that if we forgive then what they did didn't matter. We believe that when we forgive that the action they took against us was for nothing. But that's just not the case.”

“Forgiveness is about you forgiving the suffering so it's not no longer the master of your energy.”



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