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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jun 17, 2022

Manifest Resetting Your Abundance Portal: EP 144


By hitting play on this podcast, you have just agreed to saying yes - to fighting for your unlimited abundance one more day! And in this episode, Michelle J. Lamont gives you the steps to reset your life and start living in an abundant state of mind!


One of your missions here on Earth is to raise the energy of the collective. But maybe in day-to-day life, you feel like you can't do that. You wake up, and somebody needs to eat, or somebody needs help, or there’s some pressure or stressful situation. But aren’t you also worthy of your divine gifts? Stop giving away all your affection, attention, and energy! It is time for you to reset YOUR abundance!


Get on track to recommitting, resetting, and re-energizing your vibrations with Michelle J. Lamont in this personal and illuminating tutorial on manifestation and learning to live in an abundant state of being.  


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- Are you ready to reset your abundance?

- Michelle’s 6-month check-in letter to herself 

- The top 3 steps to re-energize your abundance 

- Upcoming programs, events, and retreats! And how you can join!



“Once you start living abundantly, everything around you starts changing because you're changing the way that you are vibrating in this world. You are changing the way that your connection to abundance operates. You are changing the way that you are living each and every day.”



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