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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Sep 21, 2022

Manifest - The Easiest Steps to Manifest More Immediately: EP 169


Welcome to the podcast created for your divine alignment so you can be the receiver of your divine energy! So sit back, relax, listen in, and start to manifest anything into your reality instantly with the guidance of the manifestation master, Michelle J. Lamont.


In this episode, your manifestation guide wants you to understand one thing - you were born worthy! You were born abundant! And nothing can ever change how divine and protected you are! So start aligning with yourself in the highest and best form because the quickest way to manifest your dreams is to trust yourself first.


Your future self, ancestors, guides, and angels are all ready for you to win. And so is Michelle J. Lamont! So tune in as she reminds you just how powerful you are so you can turn on your magic and start trusting yourself to manifest anything you desire into reality!


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- Manifesting Miracles has been waiting for YOU!

- How to tap into your power for the rest of your life

- “You are perfect. There is nothing wrong with you.”

- Why you can not manifest what you don’t believe you’re worthy of 

- Trust your intuition and manifest faster! 



“When we are tapped into our reality, and we are moving in the divinity. and we are moving in the abundance, and we are understanding how f*cking powerful we are, we can manifest anything in the quantum field that we are aligned with.” 

“Your ability to manifest becomes faster and better when you are authentic and true. And trust yourself.” 



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