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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jun 22, 2022

You did it! You manifested a podcast completely dedicated to you becoming the highest and best version of yourself! And Michelle J. Lamont takes the fact that your team of light sent you here very seriously. This is your wake-up call to your alignment!


You are a divine light being, and your angels and guides are tired of watching you do the same things over and over, expecting different results. They want you to rise up and raise the frequency of your life, as well as the energy of the collective. So in episode, Michelle shares some actionable tips to better co-collaborate with the universe and start creating your reality. 


Tune in as your host helps simplify the steps to your manifestation, guiding you to release what no longer serves you and start visualizing your desired future. Michelle goes even further by showing you how to pull in those intentions and find the easiest way to create the story of your life, rather than marinate in your past. 


What do you really have to lose by taking the next step? Stop wasting time living in history and start creating your future with the help of Michelle J. Lamont TODAY!


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- Are you repeating the same patterns, expecting different results?

- Why you need to release the past in order to create your future

- How to tap into all your divine powers, gifts, and talents 

- Do you REALLY want what you are trying to manifest?

- Getting rid of all the things that stand in your way!



“You're not your size. You're not your bank account. You're not your ethnicity, creed, color, situation, or definition that society wants to put you in. So stop giving them so much f*cking attention.”

“You have to get in alignment with the energy of your future. You have to fire all of the people, situations, and places that make you feel less and that are no longer serving you.”

“I've realized that the manifestation guide that I always wanted was inside of me. The magic was me, and in order for me to change my life, I had to love me.”



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