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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Aug 10, 2022

Manifestation - 5 Things I'll Never Do AGAIN!: EP 159


It is time for you to experience life as the creator of your reality! No longer be merely a participant, watching life happen. Start changing the quantum field and accelerating your life with the help of Manifesting Miracles today!


In this episode, your master manifester Michelle J. Lamont discusses the five energetic things that will never help you again - the things Michelle learned to let go once she became spiritually "woke". From self-judgment to gossip to perfectionism, tune in as your manifesting guru provides the practical lessons to level up your vibration and change the trajectory of your life!


You are the creator of your reality! The Law of Attraction dictates that once you ask, it is given. You already have it! You have all the cosmic cash you need. So don’t miss Michelle’s 5 tips to cash those checks and manifest your dreams into reality. 


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- How to give the universe and your manifestations a call 

- Do you have spiritual hygiene?

- Why you need to stop being so self-critical

- Habitual gossip and complaints are roadblocks to manifestation 

- “We have to forget being perfect or any type of perfectionism”



“This perfectionism that somehow something will be perfect, and then you'll do it, leads to never doing anything at all.”



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