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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jan 1, 2022

Manifestation- Only Fans & Master Manifestors Should Listen! Top Secret-Shhhh


It’s the last episode of 2021 and in this special only fans edition, Michelle lays bare all her energy. Tune in as she opens the letter she wrote herself last New Year’s Eve, and asks you to write a message to your future self. Visualize your life, your energy, your love, your finances because we were created to be manifestors and you are worthy!


Don’t miss this emotional finale and welcome 2022 with celebration, joy, and Michelle Juanita Lamont! 


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- The New Earth is shedding, growing, and evolving

- Why it’s always a choice!

- Forecast the things you want for your life

- Michelle reads her first and favorite reviews

-What is “Alignment Exposed”?

- The most common questions in Michelle’s DM’s

- Nothing is more powerful than your vibrational energy



“It is a choice. You are choosing to rise into the manifesting energy that is a new orbit around this new earth and the people in the old they'll get stuck. They'll get stuck in the fear. They'll get stuck in the doubt. They'll get stuck in the negativity.”



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