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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jun 7, 2021

Why Did You Manifest That Toxic Relationship?

Maybe it’s your boss, lover, partner, friends or even yes- Your OWN family!

Have you ever looked at the toxic people in your life and wondered, “Why did I Manifest this ?”

Well, believe it or not, you have just as much of a part to play in it than you think.

In this episode, Michelle reveals the reason why you are attracting toxic relationships into your reality and shows you how to turn that very toxic relationship into powerful lessons. Uncover what your energy reflects about you and the self-beliefs that you are reinforcing into your life.

You will also learn 6 actionable steps to release and learn from your toxic relationships.

Tune in and learn how you too can start taking ownership over the toxicity in your life!



  • How Like attracts Like. 
  • What does your energy reflect about you? 
  • What self-beliefs are you trying to reinforce? 
  • Ways to release and learn from the toxic relationships in your life. 



“We don't learn with sweetness and cupcakes. We don't, we just don't. We have to learn through valuable, tough lessons.”

“If we're not evolving, and we're not growing, and we're not examining, and we're not continuing to want to see our part in what we did to attract this into our lives, we're always gonna blame the other person.”



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