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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Aug 18, 2021

Manifestation- Why The Fuck is this Happening to Me?: EP 61

Like it or not, life will never stop throwing pain and struggle at you no matter how hard you resist it! So rather than fall victim to them, why not shift the way you perceive all your obstacles, failures, and rejections? 

In this episode, Michelle J Lamont will teach you to embrace every single one of your growing pains. Learn how to pay attention to the lessons being thrown your way so that you can start to experience an expansion that is beyond even your wildest of dreams. 

So tune in now, and find out why the fuck all this is happening to you! 

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  • Step out and understand the bigger picture 
  • Embracing every hurdle that comes your way
  • Why you need to stop focusing on the How
  • Pay attention to the lessons thrown at you 



“There is so much on delay because you're not ready to receive it; because you're not going to understand it when you do.”

“You are the creator of your reality, enjoy the ride.”



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