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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Sep 16, 2022

Money. So many of us live and die by it. We chase it, love it, hate it, and sometimes even let it control our reality. But what is money really? And how can we manifest it?


In this episode, your manifestation guide wants you to stop getting tripped up on the ideology of money. Reflecting on a time when she was always chasing a dollar, listen in as Michelle J. Lamont shares the lessons she learned while transforming her reality of lack, doubt, and fear into one of abundance. 


Because money is simply another form of energy for a manifesting manifestor to master. So tune in and start aligning with your divine abundance with the help of Michelle’s 3 core tips to raise your vibration and manifest financial freedom.   


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- How Michelle went from a lack to abundance 

- Why you cannot focus on the ideology of money 

- Understanding how abundant the Earth is

- Stop reacting and start trusting!

- What does it mean to always live in abundance?



“The way that society is, we believe that we have to do something to earn this abundance, that we have to do something to be worthy of this, and it's just not true. The truth is, you were born abundant!”



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