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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jun 29, 2022

Manifesting in Difficult Times Can Be Powerful: EP 147


There is so much chaos in the world. Each and every single day may even provide a reason to give up. With so much pain, anger, and frustration in our timeline, one often thinks, why am I even trying? But in this episode, your manifestation master, Michelle J.Lamont, reveals why manifesting in negative situations, when we are down and frustrated, is some of the most powerful energy you will ever experience!


Flat tire? Awesome! Car accident? Yes! Lost your job? Even better! Listen in as your host prepares you to tap in, calibrate, and align with the divine energy that is you, regardless of the world around you. Because you are the creator of your reality! Life is meant for you to enjoy, create, and participate in on the highest and best levels of your possibility. The universe has prepared you for a phenomenal life, and Michelle wants to show you just how powerful you really are. You are a manifesting manifestor! 


So how do you manifest when you’re depressed? How can you manifest when the world is falling out around you? Don’t miss this episode to learn how Michelle J. Lamont manifested some of the greatest things in her life from some of her lowest moments and how to harness your ability for limitless manifestation in any situation! 


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- How to say you are the creator of your reality and MEAN IT!

-The power of manifesting in negative spaces

- “When things are going wrong, they are really going right”

- Learning to control your energy and move the needle forward

- Problem-oriented or solution-oriented? Make the choice!



“Having a reason of things not go according to plan is part of the plan. It's part of the plan!” 

“You have to look at the situation and say, why is this appearing in my reality right now? And how do I transmute this energy? How do I change and use this energy? Dark energy can be used for you, not against you."

“If you meditate and you internalize, and you start focusing in on the things that you can do  instead of the things that you can't, you will start manifesting and using that dark force energy as a motivation to move into a higher state of being.”



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