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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Nov 16, 2022

Manifesting: The Biggest & Best Message I've Ever Recorded: EP 185


How many times have you looked at what you just did and thought, “Why did I do that?” Why did I stay in this situation or with this person or in a job that does not make me happy? Why am I accepting and contributing to a life that does not serve what I truly want? Why am I living this false reality?! 


In this episode, your manifesting coach, Michelle J. Lamont shares one of the greatest realizations she made in her manifestation journey - we don’t need to fear! You are powerful enough to accomplish and manifest everything you want! You just need to understand your worth and POWER because the only thing holding you back is your own limited ideology and thinking!


Break free from the false feeling of safety fear provide, tricking us into living small! You have limitless energy radiating inside you, waiting to be released and manifested into reality. So tune in, take the risk, and refuse to live in fear! And start saying yes to faith!


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- You are powerful! You create your reality!

- “Staying small serves nobody!”

- How to see suffering in love

- Step into fear and manifest your worth

- It’s time to match the dreams with the risks



“You living this false reality is only going to create more false reality.”

“Step out of the comfort and go into the fear. Step into it and say, f*ck you fear! I know my worth. I know exactly who I am, a Divine Light Being, and I am going to throw caution to the wind.”


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