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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Mar 22, 2021

What you give is what you get - we all know that saying, but are we truly practicing it in our lives? In this episode, find out how the energy you are giving out could potentially be blocking your manifestation. Michelle will show you all the areas in which you are manifesting in whether it’s low, middle, or high, and unveil to you the ultimate death of manifestation. As she shares examples and stories, you will see how you, too, can unblock your energy and finally open yourself up to the endless possibilities that the universe has in store for you! 



  • Ways your energy could be blocking your manifestation.
  • How to tell if you are in a low, middle, or high vibrational state.
  • Are you instantly rejecting what the universe is giving you?
  • How to align yourself with the universe.
  • The keys to unblocking your energy and letting it flow. 



“The more that you open up this vibration, the more that you feel connected to the highest vibration of all God and you understand that the universe is you and you. We're here to bring a purpose and a path for this life. The How is insignificant.”



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