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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jan 14, 2022

Manifestation- 3 Transformative Quantum Practices for Your Higher Alignment: EP 100


We are in a New Earth, shifting and awakening, with more people manifesting their miracles each and every day. So why not learn how to control your divine energy? To shift into a lighter state of being and manifest quicker, vibrate faster, and liberate yourself from pain and suffering?


Tune in as Michelle J. Lamont guides you to reach your highest alignment. From releasing your history and visualizing your future to creating loving habits, don’t miss Manifesting Miracles three quantum practices to transform your life.


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- How to shift into a lighter state of being

- Disengaging from ego-driven energies

- Release your painful history and manifest your future

- Take back your energy!

- Create a true daily practice 

- Investing in your energy is investing in yourself



“I came to learn that to create or manifest my future meant that I had to release all of the energetic, vibrational, and emotional attachment to my history. I had to release it all.”

“When you visualize the future, you are no longer a hostage to your history.”



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