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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Nov 4, 2022

Manifesting: How to Manifest When You're In a Depression Cycle: EP 182


Breaking free from your biases and conditioning can be incredibly empowering - but this journey is no easy feat, and sometimes depression, or other low vibrational energies, can hit you and hit you hard. 


In this episode of Manifesting Miracles with Michelle J. Lamont, we're going to touch on something so many of us experience, and yet will not talk about in our manifestation journeys. 


We manifest out of EVERY emotional state we're in, and that includes depressive states. So how do we move out of that vibrational level to manifest from the highest place in the Emotional Scale instead? 


Tune in as Michelle explains how your emotions, thoughts, and manifestations are all connected and shares some small but powerful tips on how to move up the Emotional Scale. From journalling to forming small incremental habits, Michelle will guide you through raising your vibrational energy one step at a time. 


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- The Emotional Scale: examining & understanding your emotions

- How your emotions and thoughts are connected  

- You are manifesting from EVERY state you're in

- The power of taking it one step at a time!

- 3 tips on how to move up the Emotional Scale 



"Where you are right now is not where you're going. This is just a state. This is just where you are right now."



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