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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Mar 15, 2021

Tired of pushing down your deepest desires away into the depths of your mind? It’s time to dismantle your core belief system; to stop suppressing and denying your divine essence. In this episode, Michelle uncovers all the things you will unlock once you start stepping into your purpose. Learn how to overcome that fear and take the leap into your divine purpose so that you can finally become your higher self! There is no doubt that it’s a scary and daunting task, so tune in and let Michelle take you through your journey of alignment and manifestation.  



  • Why it’s so scary to pursue your divine purpose. 
  • How to overcome your fear and align with your higher self.
  • The core belief system you’ve been conditioned to believe.
  • How to dismantle that core belief system. 
  • Why you need to stop thinking small. 
  • How living in your divine purpose can lift others up.



“All of this universe is held together by one powerful divine force. And when we step into our light, when we step into our power, when we step into the freedom of our abundance, we're at the core of the essence of manifesting our purpose.”



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