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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Jun 10, 2022

Manifest The Matrix- 3 Steps Clarity: EP 142


“It is time for you to break the motherf*cking matrix!”


In this episode, Michelle J. Lamont wants you to embark on the fight of all fights! It is time to look in the portal of your abundance and break the matrix of your reality! It is time to escape the realities where you feel small, overlooked, and scared. Because you are a divine light being and the creator of your reality! 


Many of us have been creating a life poisoned by the well of energy that tells us we are not worthy. That has imprisoned our mind, energy, and thus, our reality. But we must understand that the depth of deception, lies, and low vibration the matrix has taken us to only proves how valuable we really are! So…who is the highest version of yourself? And why are you not meeting them where they want you to go?


Tune in, activate your intentions in this reality, and align yourself with the best version of yourself with your personal lightworker and manifestation master, Michelle J. Lamont, TODAY.


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- Why you need to break out of the matrix of your reality

- How to dominate your life with intention

- What are your intentions? 

- Who is the highest version of you? And what do they do?

- Align yourself with the vibration of happiness and gratitude 



“Breaking out of the matrix of your reality is vital. It is vital to you becoming the creator that you intended to be.” 

“ I'm not saying I'm the solution to everything. I'm saying you are.”



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