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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Sep 23, 2022

Manifest - The Message You Were Meant to Hear: EP 170


There comes a time and point in your life where you either expand or maintain. And while many of us feel tired, knocked down, and are simply trying to exist, the universe is knocking at your door. Your collaborators, ancestors, cosmic currency, and divine alignment have said enough is enough! 


This is Manifesting Miracles, and your guides, divine team, and Michelle J. Lamont are ready for you to be the creator of your reality and a vibrational match to your highest and most aligned self. Surviving is not enough! Existing in mediocrity is not enough! You have a chance to manifest anything into your reality and create a brand new life every single day. 


So don’t give up now because your manifestation guide, Michelle J. Lamont, is here with your divine wake-up call! Tune in and start filling your cup with excitement, joy, happiness, and LIFE, TODAY!


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- Do you have to hustle to manifest?

- Who is your team of energetic collaborators?

- The universe has not given up on you! Do not give up on yourself!

- Simply existing is not enough! It’s time to go live!

- You are worthy of manifesting miracles 



“If you are not living a life that is inspiring to you, then you are already dead.” 

“There is still more for you to see! There is still more for you to do! There is still more for you to have! And there is still more for you to manifest!” 



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