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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Aug 24, 2022

Manifest Your Divine Dream Team of Guides & Angels: EP 162


T​​here is absolutely nothing you can do in this lifetime that can separate you from the divine love of the Creator, your guides, your angels, and your higher self. And if no one has told you before, Michelle J. Lamont is here to give you permission to go and manifest anything you want! 


But we all need a little help to tap into our magic and create our own heaven here on Earth. So in this episode, your manifestation master guides you to manifest your miracles with the help of your divine team of light. Tune in as Michelle teaches you how to create and call in your Divine Dream Team, using her own experience with her guides and angels. 


Don’t miss this episode and learn exactly who your guides and angels are, how to work with them, why they’re here, and what they want you to know. Because you are magic! You have divine powers and gifts! And you deserve to manifest the life of your dreams!


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- Open yourself to the frequency of manifestation!

- What is the difference between a guide and an angel?

- How to activate and connect with your guides

- Are you stepping over your blessings? Celebrate them!

- Who are the 12 celebrity archangels? And how do we welcome them?



“Your guides appreciate the shine. They want you to be happy.”

“You don't have to be dainty to be spiritual. You don't have to be perfect to be protected.”



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