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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Dec 24, 2021

Manifestation- Who Have You Manifested? 3 Ways to Turn On Abundance: EP 93


This is the time of year when many people question what they've done with the last twelve months, but Michelle J. Lamont wants you to think of a different question - Who have you manifested?


Tune in as Manifesting Miracles asks you to reflect on how you think of yourself. How we see the world is how we manifest in it, and as your host explains, everything is simply an interpretation of the energy we perceive around us. So remove yourself from fear and the energy of lack! How you see the world, how you think of yourself, and how you reflect on time spent is your true ability to manifest things into reality. 


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- How do you see the world?

- Wasted energy

- You cannot be part of the problem and the solution 

- How do you think of yourself?

- Energetic currency 

- What are your 12 stand-out moments of the year?



“Who you manifest is an integral part of how you manifest and what you manifest and where you manifest.”



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