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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Sep 28, 2022

Manifesting- Good, Better, Best - Let’s Discuss: EP 171


In this episode, your manifestation guide, Michelle J. Lamont, gets back to basics. Whether you are new to Manifesting Miracles or a veteran manifester, tune in as Michelle breaks down manifesting in this refresher podcast.


Starting from the beginning, Michelle shares the time when she was disconnected from God, her universal energy. Believing only in the power of herself, she hustled, pushed, and tried to prove things to those who did not matter. Realizing only later that the sole person keeping score was herself. 


But we all came to this Earth to manifest the highest version of ourselves and the life we desire! And in changing her frequency and becoming a vibrational match to her dreams, Michelle became the manifesting master she is today, ready to share those lessons with the world!


So what is manifestation? How can we change our frequency? Is there such a thing as dreaming too big? And how do we know if it’s working? 


Tune in and find out!


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- Let’s get back to the manifesting basics! 

- What is manifestation?

- How to change your frequency and manifest your desires 

- “You can’t live in the false history of your past.”

- Understand how powerful you are!



“I pushed and pushed and pushed until I got everything I wanted. And let me tell you something, that was no fun. Because I was creating against myself and not with myself.”

“Manifesting is bringing something from thought to reality. Every single thought carries an energy. We're energetic beings. And so every time that we think something, this thought then becomes a thing.”

“So that's the crux of manifesting: what you think about you bring about. So what is the next step?”



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