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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Apr 20, 2022

Manifesting- Signs From The Universe You Can't Ignore: EP 127


Everything we do here on Earth, the teaching planet, is about the evolution of our soul. It's about expanding, learning, growing, adapting, and going beyond the point of reason. Forget reason and logic. This episode is about spreading your wings and learning how to fly. It is about being free from criticism, worry, and doubt. It is about Michelle J. Lamont guiding you to take the path of least resistance because you are always receiving everything you need. Everything you want is on its way. It's happening, and we just need to learn how to see the signs. 


All-day long we are receiving messages and not noticing because we're so stuck in everything we want. We're missing our signs because we're in our ego, frustration, lack, doubt, and fear. And they don't operate at that frequency. Our angels and guides operate at love. So Michelle is here to remind you to love yourself and understand that you are worthy! You are worthy! So receive it, accept it, and celebrate it! And while nothing comes immediately or exactly how we want it, your GPS system is not broken. It's supposed to take you down those beaten paths, to break you and build you back up so you can appreciate it. And you can fly! 


Don’t miss this dialogue on taking the path of least resistance, how to rewire your brain through meditation, and why when you ask, it is always given.


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- Everything you want is on its way, don’t doubt or force it!

- How to invite your angels and guides in 

- Why meditation is key

- Following the path of least resistance 

- The signs are always there - clear a pathway to receive them!



“The signs are always there. And when you are aligned and when you are awake and when you are aware and when you are tuned in and tapped on and turned on by the energy and the frequency and the divine path of your highest self, you will be a vibrational match to this.”



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